Discover Your Inner Turkey! The Town Turkey is now celebrating its 5th Anniversary! Books are available on Amazon.

The Town Turkey

The Town Turkey is a charming children’s story about a little turkey who unexpectedly drops into town.

When a little turkey appears on a busy street corner, the whole town falls in love and makes him one of its own. This sweet, funny story about a community coming together will make your heart sing. Clever cartoon illustrations make this book a winner for adults and children alike!

Based on the heartfelt and true story of the Lake Bluff Town Turkey.

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Just For Kids

Bring your little turkeys here for fun activities like coloring pages, writing workshops, and more!

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The Inspiration

The real town turkey appeared the beginning of May on the busiest street corner in Lake Bluff (Green Bay Road and Route 176). He was captured and taken away on Friday, August 6 to the dismay of some, and the relief of others.

But all can agree that the town turkey left a lasting impression on the Village of Lake Bluff.

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